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Why is competition dangerous? A warning and tips from Chuck Brown

Why has competition become destructive?

What’s our biggest marketing problem?

What are the solutions?

How can we keep this special thing we have?

This part deals with emotional and controversial topics.

It might make you feel inconvenient, you might disagree, but I think you need to hear this.

Chuck Brown on the YY Westie vlog, part 2, here we go.

Chuck is one of the most beloved teachers and coaches in the world of West Coast Swing. He is a Champion level dancer, who devotes much of his time to helping in building WCS communities and planning successful events around the world.

Chuck befriends people very easily, no matter their level of dancing. He keeps in touch with friends everywhere in the world, from California through Scandinavia, and all the way to Singapore and Malaysia. He feels at home everywhere he goes, and that’s why you probably already got used to seeing him at almost every event you visit.

I’d like to thank Ori Ziv for helping to record this interview and Marc Chang for the great thumbnail image 🙂

Useful links:

Chuck Brown:

Website: cbdancer.com

Facebook: facebook.com/cbdancerworldwide

Instagram: cbdancer888

Twitter: @cbdancer888

The Trail Dancer – Chuck’s traveling and backpacking gear company:

Facebook: facebook.com/thetraildancer

Website: thetraildancer.com

YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UC1thLfpHi5K0VNkBtrU_-yw?view_as=subscriber

Twitter: @thetraildancer

Instagram: thetraildancer

The YY Westie:

Website: yywestie.com

Facebook: facebook.com/yywestiemagazine

Instagram: yy.westie

Yuval Yaary
Yuval is an ambitious entrepreneur and an enthusiastic dancer, who has combined those two characteristics in order to create the YY Westie. He also works as a content writer for marketing and besides dancing, he loves football, cats, pizza, and making friends.
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