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We’re All in The Same Storm – COVID Special With The Pros, Part 1

As most of the world went into lockdown last Spring, at first I was shocked, like everyone else, I guess.

I was planning on traveling to so many WCS events, but they were all canceled.

Then, I started thinking about EDs, who planned these events and invested money and time. Also, my heart went out to our dear pros, who suddenly lost not only their main source of income, rather most importantly, the possibility to do what they love the most – dance.

I reached out to them and asked to talk to them about what they’re going through. I was looking for guidance for the rest of us, who feel lost as well, and I also wanted to let them know that they’re not alone in this.

The result was pretty amazing for me: a series of honest talks with people from all around the world sharing a global human experience, which is very unique in one’s life.

What will you see in this video?

This video merges three different interviews I conducted during the first lockdown with Chuck Brown, Sonya Dessureault, and Pavel Katunin & Marina Motronenko.

In this video, they will let you in on their mental and financial difficulties and how they deal with them, what keeps them motivated and inspired, and how they think we can make our lives better – during this crisis and in general.

In addition, they share great ideas that can make our community better and their personal future predictions – some came true, some not so much 😉

Lastly, they send you some important messages that I’m sure you’ll find helpful in these troubled times.

Have fun watching it!

Yuval Yaary
Yuval is an ambitious entrepreneur and an enthusiastic dancer, who has combined those two characteristics in order to create the YY Westie. He also works as a content writer for marketing and besides dancing, he loves football, cats, pizza, and making friends.
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