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Champion addressing controversial issues of a growing dance community

The YY Westie hosting PJ Turner – a Champion level west coast swing dancer, a teacher, a coach, and the organizer of the Atlanta Swing Classic event.

PJ lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with his lovely family. He started dancing at the age of 10 and tried many dance styles (from clogging through Texas two-step to east coast swing) until he discovered WCS, and never looked back.

He has always been a very social person and dancer, winning the social dancer award at one of the biggest dance events in the world – SwingDiego.

PJ’s is a very successful WCS dancer and teacher, who won many competitions and made Classic finals at the Open with Tashina Beckmann King, who was his partner for about 5 years.

Come learn about PJ’s amazing journey and his opinion concerning changing the name of WCS, the difference between WCS in the US and Europe, and “will I ever make it out of novice?”

Yuval Yaary
Yuval is an ambitious entrepreneur and an enthusiastic dancer, who has combined those two characteristics in order to create the YY Westie. He also works as a content writer for marketing and besides dancing, he loves football, cats, pizza, and making friends.
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