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Where are you going to celebrate New Year’s Eve?

Swingvester vs. New Year's Swing Fling

Europe has two fantastic events to offer at this time of the year. All you got to do is choose whether you want to spend Sylvester in Vienna at Swingvester or in London for New Year’s Swing Fling.

Jordan & Tatiana, Kyle & Sarah, Semion & Maria, and Irina Puzanova will be waiting for you in London. There you can attend the “Level Up!” workshops – leveled workshops with limited spots designed to accelerate your West Coast Swing – and learn JT’s choreography “Pump It”.

Ben Morris, Deborah Szekely, Gregory Scott & Lemery Rollins, Chuck Brown, Marc Heldt, and Laszlo Tarkanyi will be your instructors in Vienna. There you can choose between 6(!) different intensives, and take 3-minute-privates with the staff in an innovative format – “A better you”.

Looking for a WSDC registry event to accumulate some points on Jack and Jill? Both events will provide it for you!

In the mood for a stylish New Year’s Eve party? No matter which one you choose, the party is on!

What do you say then?

Let’s hear the wisdom of the crowd:

Alexandru, The Netherlands – Swingvester

Alexandru from The Netherlands will attend Swingvester this year

“I took part in Swingvester last year, and it was a warm and fun event. I loved the preparation and celebration of New Year’s Eve and enjoyed meeting Austrian westies I haven’t met before (hi Johanna 🙂 ).

The 5 min private idea was cool! Unfortunately, I found out about it too late, so I got only one spot. I loved the photo booth, the additional blues room, and dancing the Viennese Waltz with the fun and lovely Tessa.

The best moment was definitely dancing a choreography created by Steffi, together with her and Franz.”

At Swingvester you'll see Marine from the US

Marine, USA – Swingvester

“I visited Swingvester last year for the first time. I was impressed by the beauty of Vienna, especially at that time of the year.

It is a heart-warming event, that brings westies together as a family.

The most memorable experience for me was visiting Vienna’s Christmas markets, and drinking mulled wine with my friends.”

Laiyee from Singapore is flying to Swingvester

Laiyee, Singapore – Swingvester

“This is going to be my first time in Vienna. Looking at photos from past editions, and hearing positive reviews from friends, I’d love to experience Swingvester myself. I told my friends I’m planning to go, and now there’s a whole Singaporean delegation coming to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Vienna! Looking forward to seeing everyone in Europe again!”

Christian from Germany is coming to Swingvester too

Christian, Germany – Swingvester

“Could there be a better way to spend New Year’s Eve than with good friends, food, and dancing all night long?

In addition, it makes so much sense to have it back to back with Budafest because those events are so close.

This will be my third Swingvester. One of the top moments was the Viennese Fun J&J with Markus in 2017, where we ended up upside down on the dance floor for some reason and everyone in the room had a total blast.”

Join Alexandra from Spain at New Year's Swing Fling

Alexandra, Spain – New Year’s Swing Fling

“I have a vacation at the end of the year, and I believe the best way to use it is for dancing and learning. Therefore, New Year’s Swing Fling was the best choice for me.

The venue is a hotel, which makes it very convenient. There’s no need for long walks outside in this freezing time of the year. It’s close to the airport, and finding my way around London is quite easy in general.

I was there last year, but unfortunately, I was sick most of the event. So I’m hoping for a corrective experience this year.”

Mona, Germany – New Year’s Swing Fling

“I’ve been to New Year’s Swing Fling last year. It was my first international event and probably a major factor in becoming addicted to West Coast Swing.

Mona from Germany will see you at New Year's Swing Fling

This event provides a unique atmosphere. The community you get to spend the days and nights with is always welcoming and fun, and even more so at that time of the year, as nobody has to stress about work. This year, the event is offering additional “Level Up” workshops with only 20 couples per level, so I’m looking forward to being overwhelmed with input before the main event has even started.

I remember many lovely dances with leaders who didn’t judge me for being a Newcomer, aha moments in workshops, practicing at the hotel corridor during dinner breaks, and cozy time at the Great British Tea Dance. It’s hard to choose the best moment, but I think it was the Pro Jack and Jill: so much fun watching them make the best out of… interesting song choices!” 

Jessica from France chose New Year's Swing Fling

Jessica, France – New Year’s Swing Fling

“I’ve been quite addicted to celebrating New Year’s Eve at dance events for the last four years! I love to combine dancing with seeing close friends (and meeting new ones). The organizers tend to create a warm atmosphere and it’s great to attend these events.

It’ll be my third time at New Year’s Swing Fling, and my most memorable experience from this event is from three years ago: We planned to fly there, but we were notified by Google that our flight to London has been canceled. We decided to get there anyway, and it took us 1h on the metro, 2h on trains, 1h with a taxi, 1h on a boat, and the rest with another taxi! Our journey was quite an adventure, but we wouldn’t have missed this event!”

Sigri from Norway will be at New Year's Swing Fling as well

Sigri, Norway – New Year’s Swing Fling

“In 2015 New Year’s Swing Fling was my first event outside of Norway. The timing of the event fits my work schedule perfectly, which means that the expensive Christmas flights are balanced out by not having to take time off work.

The best memories I have are Diego and Jessica’s routine and Glenn Ball’s hip hop classes.”


Here are the links to both events, the choice is yours:

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